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My First Guest Post

Here on Connie’s World, it is my pleasure to welcome Monica Lee, the author of Church Sweet Home and three other books. Today, she writes about home, a topic we both address in our respective memoirs. When one thinks of a journey or an adventure, exotic destinations come to mind. […]

Honoring My Mother

A reader of my story The Promise asked me what kind of work I did that gave me the ability to forgive my parents. It was a lifetime process that began when I got down on my knees and asked for the grace of forgiveness. I thought that my faith […]

What’s Next

I haven’t wanted to promote my book too much while we were all living through the uncertainty of the coronavirus. It seems that the uncertainty is going to go on for quite a while yet. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to bring some kind of normalness back […]

A heartwarming story

I am humbled! Another 5-star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review A heartwarming story of resilience though faith and love.The Promise is an inspirational story of faith, hope, and love. Connie really gets into the voice of a 14 year old and although I was fortunate enough not to experience the awful situation she […]

My Super Soul Sunday Sale

Everything seems to be about super this and super that lately. So, I decided to create my own Super day to promote my book “The Promise.” I call it the Super Soul Sunday sale; try saying that 3-times fast. Speaking of 3-times that’s what I’m offering. A 3-day count down […]